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Chimney Restoration of Elmer's 304 Stainless Flexible & 24 Gauge Rigid

The Perfect Restoration Solution

Unlined Chimneys
Unlined Chimneys are unsafe for use with any fuel.

Fire Damaged Chimneys
Chimney fires can damage tle liners. Chimneys should be relined when tile mortar joints are defective, or when tiles are cracked or broken.

Oversized Flues
Most high efficiency heaters use small diameter flues, requirements that are generally not met when vented through conventional masonry chimneys. Relining down to the appropriate size is the proper solution.

Fireplace Relines
Large diameter fireplace flues can be relined using liners sized to standard masonry fireplace sizing charts.

Venting Appliances Through Fireplaces
Inserts and hearth stoves should be lined from the stove outlet to the chimney top. Added cost will be recouped from greater heater efficiency and annual cleaning savings.

Innovative Design
For Function, Durability Safety
Elmer's rigid 304 series, 24 gauge stainless liner is permanently joined by a double seam roll lock (formerly known as the "old fashioned pipe lock").

This is the safest method of joining pipe as it provides an airtight, unbreakable seam that is stronger than the pipe itself yet allows for expansion and contraction under high heat. The same attention to safety and function goes into all our fittings.

Listed sizes include 4" through 12" round as well as large and small oval.

Quality Construction
Elmer's Pipe Lining Systems are handmade in Maine by dedicated technicians who understand the need for premium quality. We only use the finest materials to construct the safest pipe and fittings available.

We are so confident of the durability of our heavy 304 - 24 gauge liner and flex that it is backed by a lifetime guarantee. We manufacture a full line, from stove pipe, chimney liner, to the chimney top. All of our products are beautifully finished and designed for safety. They are constructed to fit perfectly and last for years.

So when it's time to choose a chimney liner system to vent solid fuel heaters and furnaces, oil or gas furnaces and water heaters, be sure to insist upon the finest chimney lining system available - Elmer's Pipe.

Elmer's Relining Systems