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Elmer's Heavy 22 Gauge Black Stove Pipe & Components

Today's new generation of airtight woodstoves, long burning coal stoves, and efficient oil and gas furnaces put great demands on the stovepipe systems. When burning wood, constant high heat and creosote build-up acts to prematurely destroy ordinary pipe, often with disastrous results. On coal stoves, light gauge pipe is subjected to rapid deterioration due to corrosive action of the sulpher dioxide present in the flue gases. Similar deterioration occurs with oil and gas furnaces and water heaters.

Wood, coal, oil, and gas venting traditionally uses light gauge snaplock pipe. Light gauge pipe, joined by a snaplock arrangement, is held together by nothing more than its own tension! We consider this pipe dangerous for serious wood or coal burning, and oil and gas furnace venting. A creosote fire inside a snaplock pipe can cause the pipe to implode (not explode) from the drop in pressure against the inside wall of the pipe. Snaplock pipe has been known to spring apart months or even weeks after installation.

Welded seam pipe is joined by overlapping the sides and spot welding or seam welding them together. As metal gets hot it will expand and "work" in several directions. The longer the piece the more distortion will occur under the high heat and accordingly, the greater pressure exerted on the spot welds to hold the pipe together. Eventually all of the welds in that run will give way causing the pipe to crack along the welds.

ELMER'S PIPE on the other hand, is permanently joined by a double seam roll lock, the old fashioned pipe lock (as it was formerly known).
Roll lock seam

This method of joining pipe is the safest, as it provides an airtight, unbreakable seam that is stronger than the pipe itself yet allows for expansion and contraction under high heat. The same attention to safety and function goes to all of our fittings. Elmer's Pipe is the heaviest gauge that is practical 22 gauge (please note that 22 gauge is twice as thick as 28 gauge!)

ELMER'S PIPE is handmade in Maine by dedicated craftsmen and women who understand the need for premium quality and know the value our rugged, heavy gauge pipe gives to homeowners. We use only the finest materials to construct the safest pipe and fittings available. We are so confident of the durability of our heavy 22 gauge black pipe that it is backed by a 5-year guarantee. We manufacture a full line... from stove flue to chimney flue. All of our products are beautifully finished and designed for safety. They are constructed to fit perfectly and to last for years. Elmer's 22 gauge black pipe remains the only black connector pipe to be tested for safety and durability and is the only pipe warranted for five years with a guarantee of free replacement.

So when its time to install new stovepipe or replace existing pipe for solid fuel fired heaters and oil or gas furnaces, be sure to ask for and insist upon using the finest stovepipe made in the United States today-Elmer's Pipe. You'll be glad you did!



and Fireplaces!

Elmer's has the perfect solution for any installation!


"Elmer's" guarantees ELMER'S 22 Black stovepipe for one free Replacement for a period of five [5] years from the date of invoice. Guarantee includes all component fittings fabricated by Elmer's. This guarantee expressly excludes any component fitting fabricated or produced by anyone other than Elmer's.

All express guarantees, as set above, shall be limited to the replacement (exclusive of installaton costs) of pipe lengths and components found to be defective under this guarantee and shall be conditioned upon compliance with the manufacture's recommended installation and maintenance procedure and intended use of the product. The entire system must be inspected and cleaned annually. Should Guarantee service be necessary, return damaged or defective parts to an authorized Elmer's dealer for replacement. This guarantee is not transferrable or assignable.

Elmer's 22 black stovepipe is intended for use with wood, wood pellet, oil, and natural and propane gas appliances. Use of chemical cleaners, ocean driftwood, treated wood, or fuels other than those listed above will void this warranty.